Entrance Test Results 2018-19

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Entrance Test Results 2018-19 (Click over the respective subject for the details)

Admission Guidelines 2018-19

Final Results after Interview for M.A. (Language)

M.A. (Chinese)

M.A. (German)

Interview dates/details for M.A. (Language) and Ph.D. in different Schools/Departments

Ph.D. (Environmental Science)  interview

Interviews for PhD in Management shall be conducted on 23/7/2018 at 11.00am

M. A. (French) interview

Ph.D. (Mathematics)  interview

Ph.D. (Chemistry)  interview

M.A. (English) interview

M.A. (Spanish) interview

M.A. (Japanese) interview

M.A. (Chinese) interview

M.A. (German) interview

Ph.D. interview at School of Media and Mass Communication (interview Date Revised)

List of candidates qualified for Ph.D.  admission (interview) in different subjects via Entrance test

Ph.D. Physics

Ph.D. Chemistry

Ph.D. Mathematics

Ph.D. Management

Ph.D. Media and Communication

Ph.D. Environmental Science

List of qualified candidates in MA (Chinese), MA(Spanish), MA(German), MA(Japanese), MA(French) and MA (English) for Oral test.

MA (Chineses) MA (Spanish), MA (German) MA (Japanese), MA (French) MA (English)

Final merit list will be issued by the respective departments after conducting Oral test.


BBA/Integrated MBA

BA (English)


MA (Economics)

MA (Media & Mass Communication)

MSc (Maths)

MSc (Physics)

MSc Environmental Science (NRM)

MSc Environmental Science

MTech Environmental Technology

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Computer Science

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Physics

BA/Integrated MA Chinese

BA/Integrated MA French

BA/Integrated MA German

BA/Integrated MA Japanese

BA/Integrated MA Spanish

BA/Integrated MA Media & Communication Studies

BSc/Integrated MSc Economics

B-Des Bachelor in Design

MCA 3-Year Programme

MCA 2-Year Programme (Lateral Entry)



Source : Doon University