Entrance Test Results 2018-19

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Entrance Test Results 2018-19 (Click over the respective subject for the details)

Admission Guidelines 2018-19


List of Students called for Admission Counselling on 27-July-2018 (Please read the Counseling instructions carefully)

Waiting List  (First) Results (Counselling Dates : 21-24 July 2018)

M.A. (language)/Ph.D.  Interviews Dates


Entrance Test Results First Merit List (Counseling Dates : 16-20 July 2018)

BBA/Integrated MBA

BA (English)


MA (Economics)

MA (Media & Mass Communication)

MSc (Maths)

MSc (Physics)

MSc Environmental Science (NRM)

MSc Environmental Science

MTech Environmental Technology

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Computer Science

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics

BSc/Integrated M.Sc. Physics

BA/Integrated MA Chinese

BA/Integrated MA French

BA/Integrated MA German

BA/Integrated MA Japanese

BA/Integrated MA Spanish

BA/Integrated MA Media & Communication Studies

BSc/Integrated MSc Economics

B-Des Bachelor in Design

MCA 3-Year Programme

MCA 2-Year Programme (Lateral Entry)



Source : Doon University