Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Associate Professor

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M.A. (Patna Univ),  M.J. (H.S. Gaur Univ, Sagar), Ph.D. (B.R.A.B.U., Muz.)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,   Ph: +91-8126301529

Area of Specialization : Media Studies & Electronic Media Production

Area of Interest : Political economy of communication, Media economics, Communication for development & social change, Mass media and society

Awards & Honours:

1. DG Doordarshan “Appreciation on record” for Development Communication project, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Award for productions for a Health Communication campaign.

Best Five publications in last five years:

1. Kumar, R. 2016. ‘Interlocalization’: Can India be a party to the process? Global Media & Communication, 12(3), 259-274 (Sage Publications, London, UK).

2. Kumar, R. 2016. ICT uses by 14–20-year-olds in India: Imperatives of parental intervention.  Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture, 7: 2, 197–216 (Intellect UK).

3. Kumar, R., Thapa, D. 2015. Social media as a catalyst for civil society movements in India: A study in Dehradun city. New Media and Society 17, 1299−1316. (Sage Publications, London, UK). Citations = 9.

4. Kumar, R. 2012. Rural informatics: Use of information and communication technology for rural poor-from digital divide to digital opportunities in rural India. Media Asia 39, 183−190. (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group). Citations = 4.

5. Kumar, R. 2015. Social Media and Civil Society Actions in India. In Axel Bruns et al (ed.) Routledge Companion to Social Media and Politics. (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group).

Completed Major Research Project:

ICSSR project

Ongoing Major Research Project:

UGC project

Source : Doon University