Ms. Jagriti Jaiswal, Asst. Professor

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M.Sc. (H.N.B. Garhwal Univ), MBE (Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya)

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Teaching Experience: 5 Years

Area of Specialization : Specialization: Statistical Methods, Mathematics for Economic Analysis and Industrial Organization, Business Economics and Quantitative Techniques & Rural development

Area of Interest :Business Economics and Quantitative Techniques,

Best Five publications in last five years:

1. J. Jaiswal, 2014,Environmental impact on SMEs growth and sustainability- challenge and opportunity, JSDC, 1 pp 101-112 (ISSN 2348-7038)

2. J. Jaiswal, 2014, Gender and entrepreneurship: women workforce participation in development of entrepreneurships with reference of Uttarakhand region, IJBM, 2, pp 169-179, (ISSN 2321-8916)

3. P. Painuly, J. Jaiswal, 2014, Strategies for deciding price of household commodities in Indian market, EIJMMS, 4, pp 92-104 (ISSN 2249-8834)

4. P. Painuly, J. Jaiswal, 2014, Assessment of rural banking services in Uttarakhand region, Research Revolution, 2, pp 19-21 (ISSN 2319-300X)

5. B.Yadav, J. jaiswal, 2013, Consumer perception affects organizational strategies- A study of Indian rural retail sectors, SRJIS,, 2, pp 717-728 (ISSN 2278-8808;)


Source : Doon University