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Important Information regarding admission Counselling

Entrance test Results (Stream Wise)


School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR)

MSc Environment Science (NRM)
Msc (Environment Science)
M.Tech (Environment Technology)


School Of Media and Communication Studies (SOMCS)

B.A (Media and Communication Studies)
MA (Media and Communication studies)


School of Languages (SOL)

B.A (English)
B.A (French)
B.A (Japanese)
B.A (German)
B.A (Spanish)
B.A  (Chinese)
MA (English)
MA (French)
MA (German)
MA (Japanese)
MA (Spanish)


School of Social Sciences (SOSS)

MA (Economics)
M.A (Psychology)
MA (Social Work)
BSc (Economics hons)
Master of (Library and Information Sciences)


School of Management (SOM)

BBA/MBA Inegrated
B.Com (Hons)

School of Physical Sciences (SOPS)

BSc (Physics)
BSc (Mathematics)
BSc (Computer Science)
BSc (Chemistry)
MSc (Physics)
MSc (Mathematics)

School of Design (SOD)

Bachelor of (Design)


Dr Nityanand Himalayan Research and Study Centre

Master Of (Geography)
Master of (Geology)





Prospectus (2019-20)

Source : Doon University