Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

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Prof. Surekha Dangwal  (M.Phil, PhD)  Brief Profile

Prof. Surekha Dangwal, Vice-Chancellor

Since its first academic session in 2009, Doon University has continued to grow from strength to strength, concretizing the founders’ dream of a State university that could provide a unique and specialized intellectual and academic terrain in Uttarakhand. As a Centre of Excellence (CoE), the University links professional learning with industry and service-relevant curriculum, based on mission-based research which is linked tolocal challenges and global market outcomes. We aim toclose the gap between knowledge production and practice through ourcommitment to excellence in teaching, research and service. Our research programs, honours courses, postgraduate courses, integrated programs and certificate courses range across disciplines and embrace multi-domain and multi-level perspectives committed to relevance and excellence. Over the years, our student enrolments have grown prodigiously. As a residential university, ours is a progressive intellectual haven attracting students from across the country and the world, the latter through international student exchange programs. In addition, Doon University particularly caters to students fromthe state of Uttarakhand, rendering a ‘home space’ for specialized and thematic learning. As we look to the future, it is certain that new terrains of knowledge and learning as well as new synergies across existing disciplines and beyond, would need to address new forms of consciousness and knowledge production. Employment generation is key. Therefore, it is our duty to work towards the mitigation of current and future challenges by educating and trainingour youth to work in fields where they will be valued for their specialized knowledge. To meet these challenges, we pledge to continue to promote collaborationswith other research institutions, partnerships with Government bodies and other national and international universities and agencies. As Vice-Chancellor, I take it as an honour and privilege to convey that Doon Universityenvisions the ideals of dedication and commitment towards building a diverse and integrated knowledge infrastructure that can cater to and help build a rapidly evolving world. Emboldened by the ground we have covered,I believe we must work together towards a better and sustainable future and take this institution to far greater heights. As we pledge to work collectively, consistently and cohesively towards nation-building, we aim towards beinga beacon of hope for our youth, while deriving strength and sustenance from our rich and varied culture. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore,
“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

Source : Doon University